Delhi Yoga Sabha is a pioneer organization in the field of Yoga which has been serving humanity by treatment of various ailments for the last more than forty years. Although formally established in Delhi in 1967, the roots of this organization dates back to 1921 when Yogeshwar Ram Lal Mahaprabhu ji established His first Yoga centre in Lahore (Integrated India), followed by three more ashrams in Chhehretta (Amritsar) Pb., Rishikesh (Uttra Khand) and Sawain Gram (U.P.). There is a prophecy about holy birth of  Yogeshwar Ram Lal Mahaprabhu (written in Tamil on Taad Patra in Kak Nadi Samhita) that he is master of Ashtang Yoga and there is no difference between Him and almighty God. Numbers of godly miracles were performed by Him for the benefit of mankind. For Him yoga was an alround development of body , mind and soul.  At a time when Yoga was considered suitable only for the monks and saints, He went from place to place to teach Yoga as an instrument for sound health and sound mind embodied in His own radiant self-realised personality.  

Shri Mahaprabhu Ji during his life time conferred all His spiritual powers upon His chief disciple Rev. Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Ji Maharaj, who as a result of this, remained in a state of Samadhi for twelve years.  He also established Shri Yog Abhyas Ashram at Sanyas Marg, Kankhal (Hardwar) in the year 1952.  It was in the year 1941 when Rev. Sadgurudev Yogeshwar Swami Devi Dayal Ji Maharaj (third in line of succession) was attracted by the spiritual powers of Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Ji Maharaj  to be at his feet at Yog Sadhan Ashram, Chhehretta (Amritsar) Pb. and since then with the blessings of his Gurudev and Dadagurudev, he had been able to disseminate his Master’s teachings throughout the length and breadth of the country. He established over forty yoga centres/Yoga Temples/Yog Chikitsalayas and twelve state-level registered yoga sabhas for management of these yoga centres.  Under his sublime guidance countless people from all walks of life irrespective of caste, creed, colour and religion had been trained to remain healthy throughout life without use of medicine, cured of various ailments .Aspirants (Mumukshus) for higher Yoga have been granted Eternal Peace and Bliss.

Yoga is one of the most important facets of the Indian culture with a living tradition of more than five thousand years.  Yoga is meant essentially for spiritual heritage and has grown to be accepted as a science of spiritual development and health The awareness about Yoga practices is enhancing amongst people from different walks of life not only for preservation and management of diseases but also for peace of mind and spiritual evolution. In the modern days, the techniqaues of Yogic Science are extremely useful in the management of stress and stress related disorders and to promote positive health of an individual.

India is a country with more than a billion population with a rich heritage and a bright future.  It is constantly marching ahead with new ideas and technologies after its independence from the colonial rule.  The lifestyle of people has become more stressful and lifestyle disorders like obesity, sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, psychosomatic  diseases, diabetes and heart diseases are on the rise.  India has acquired the designation of Diabetic capital of the world.  To combat the lifestsyle disorders and diseases, the Sabha has taken a lead and commenced a SHORT TERM YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE (Three & Six Months’ duration) for health promotion for individual and at community level.

It has been our earnest endeavour that maximum number of people should get benefited from our selfless Yoga services.  With this object, in view, we keep our centres working throughout the year.  At the request of D.D.A., we have also .been running yoga classes for the last more than twenty years at Sirifort Sports Complex, Asiad, New Our Pradhan Acharya Shri Swami Sham Lal Ji Maharaj was actively associated with the sacred Yoga Mission since 1951 when he was initiated in the Yoga cult by Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Ji Maharaj.  He worked for nine years under his holy guidance and for 38 years under the spiritual guidance of Yogeshwar Swami Devi Dayal Ji Maharaj who succeeded his Gurudev Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Ji Maharaj in 1960.  He propogated Yoga in different states of the country.  On 15th November,2013, Swami Ji left for his heavenly abode.

Our present Pradhan Acharya Yogacharya Rajnish Prakash Ji was actively associated with the sacred Yoga Mission since 1963 when he was initiated in the Yoga cult by Yogeshwar Swami Devi Dayal Ji Maharaj.  He worked under the spiritual guidance of Yogeshwar Swami Devi Dayal Ji who succeeded Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Ji 

Maharaj in 1960 till the day when he left for his heavenly abode on 1st August,1998..Thereafter he worked under the  guidance of Shri Swami Sham Lal Ji Maharaj as President of the Sabha.   He propogated Yoga in every nook and corner of the country with Swami Sham Lal Ji Maharaj. .  He provided relief to thousands of people as Yogacharya from their problems  both physical and mental and hundreds are getting benefit daily.   Several Yoga centres have been established and scores of yoga camps have been arranged by him in many States by Shri Swami Sham Lal Ji in collaboration with him for the benefit of the people.


The doors of the Sabha are always open to all irrespective of caste, creed, colour and religion.  It is helping the people to lead a healthy, happy, harmonious and contended life full of  Divine Bliss.


To make donations to Delhi Yoga Sabha please transfer online or deposit a cheque to our Bank as per details given below :

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